Twenty One Projects

I’m always saying “I should make a list…” Often I do. This morning’s list: Character Names from Popular Culture that are also Sexual Innuendos. So far all I have is One-Eyed Willie (the pirate from Goonies), and Beaver Cleaver, but there must be more.

This is a different list. This is a compilation of all the things that Sara and I have been talking about, all winter long, that we want to get done this summer. It just so happens that there’s twenty one of them, which is a nice number that brings to mind things like gambling and legally getting pissed for the first time. It’s somewhat apropos in that it’s a gamble this entire list will ever be finished before the snow flies again, and I’m going to consume lots of beer in the process.

So here it is.

  1. Finish the hard cider
  2. Build a clothesline
  3. Cut down the fire bush
  4. Move the woodpile
  5. Plant a garden
  6. Move the leaf mulch
  7. Build at least one solar air heater
  8. Build a chicken coop
  9. Put siding on the sugar shack
  10. Build a deck
  11. Wrap up the 2009 Sugaring season
  12. Make at least one batch of mead
  13. Clean/organize the garage.
  14. Construct a parking area for the sugar shack
  15. Make a sign for Occasional Creek Maple
  16. Build cold frames
  17. Landscape the new creek
  18. Build stairs for the sugar shack
  19. Install the dishwasher
  20. Install the “new” oven
  21. Insulate and put new drywall in the house

In theory, we should be able to do all of these. Almost everything on this list can be done with materials we already have, or can likely obtain cheap, used, or for free. I’m not likely to stray from that, because, well, I can’t. We’re mega tight on expenses now as it is, no matter how much or how often we try and pretend we’re not. If I can’t find a cheap or free source of drywall and insulation, then we won’t be insulating the house. Luckily, I have Craigslist, Freecycle and time on my side.

Unofficially, project #22 is “Stop watching Episodes of Naruto on Hulu, and get to work.”


4 responses to “Twenty One Projects

  1. Is a solar air heater that thing with the black cans you mentioned?

  2. It is indeed. I actually bought 3 or 4 boxes of Coke months back with the intention of using the cans for this project. Then the cans sat around too long and I ended up returning them for the deposit. Now I’ve got to do it all over again. Except for the last part.

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  4. Instead of using cans… You may want to check out… Since your list is long …. You can save yourself many hours using their profiles… Later

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