Let’s get this party started, shall we?

Project One: Finish the Hard Cider

First, finishing the hard cider does not involve consuming it. Nor does it involve emigrating it to Scandinavia.

In fact, the non-consuming of the cider is the reason I’m calling this project done. Done before I begun it. Well, I begun it last Fall, when we pressed many many apples to make regular cider. Then I left the two buckets full of cider in the fridge in the garage… where I re-discovered it two weeks ago.

I know what you’re thinking – as you’re gagging – but fermented does not equal fucked-up-ed. I’ve made lots of beer. Alright I’ve made beer like ten times or something and I’m telling you it’s hard to kill. If what you’ve put in it is good, you’re gonna get something fairly good out of it. The small problem was the mold that got into the cider and grew on the head of foam that formed during fermentation.

When I re-discovered the whole thing two weeks ago, I was convinced I could save it (and not effectively waste an afternoon spent gathering apples and another afternoon spent grinding and pressing them). I floated the moldy stuff off the top and into the compost, and filtered everything else into a new, clean bucket to remove any more solids. Then I put it back in the fridge to contemplate my next move.

Today, I filtered it again, and tasted it.



Tastes kinda like, well, mold. On the upside, I’m all set with the swine flu now with my homegrown penicillin.

Also, the consistency is all wrong. It’s pours and feels kinds like… hmmmm… like the syrup that fruit is canned in. Stringy and slippery. And just about as appetizing. You can all stop gagging now.

So, due to the unrecoverable nature of this cider, I’m calling this project…


I make a much better mead anyway.


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