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I am voting YES on Question 3.

That pretty much says it.

But tell me, what exactly is the difference between casting my vote for a politician who promises to lower my taxes, or casting my vote to actually lower my taxes? I think you know as well as I do. The first vote only puts somebody in office, the second vote actually lowers my taxes.

The difference of course is that if the politician lowers my taxes it will be done by borrowing money to pay for it, which only makes our situation worse. If I lower my taxes I’ll do it by just keeping the money I’ve earned. Will it mean that Beacon Hill will have less money to work with? Sure ’nuff. They can step up and deal with it, or they can borrow more money and blame me for making them do it. I can live with my choice. And from what I’ve seen, apparently so can they.  So, let’s do this thing.

Unless you believe that a politician is the only one who can make a decision about your money, you should be voting YES as well. I can make my financial decisions just fine, thank you, and by my measure I’ve been doing a much better job of it than they have. I’ll bet you can, too.

It’s your money. Keep more of it, and do good things with it.