Fruition. My plans will soon come to it.

Coming at you like a 5 year old with a Christmas wish list and absolutely no concept of the value of a dollar (and that doesn’t even take into account the falling value of the dollar)…. It’s my projects list for 2011!!* Do the Kermit flail. Do it.

  • Finish the deck – The deck needs decking. Are you dismantling an old deck this year? Know someone who is? Then you also know someone who’s willing to do the disassembly for free if he can keep the wood.
  • Put a cupola on the sugar shack – My shack needs it’s crowning glory (well, and red paint, but we’ll get to that).
  • Build a back porch – enclosed, a place to put boots and coats a stuff.
  • Build 2 chicken tractors – movable chicken homes and enclosed runs all in one. We’re gonna employ the ladies help with getting the lawn in order this year.
  • Build a solar cooker/dehydrator – the plans are in my head. The materials are… obtainable.
  • New gutters – everywhere. House, garage, shack….
  • Rain barrel upgrade – The existing model needs to be higher, plumbed into a gutter, and have a larger output.
  • Terraced planters – I don’t know what else to call these. Essentially long planting troughs mounted on an A-frame. It should allow us to grow lots of leafy green in very little space.
  • Wind generator – I have some neighbors to annoy and some property values that need depressing.
  • Bedroom window trim – you know, from last years list.
  • Brew lots of mead
  • Brew lots of beer
  • Brew lots of cider
  • Solar shower – I just want an excuse to be naked outdoors.
  • The fire bush – remove it. With great vengence and furious anger. And a chainsaw.
  • The birch tree – the fire bush was just the warm up.
  • The big dying maple – pay someone to take it down. It scares the fuck out of me when the wind kicks up.
  • The garage – clean out and rearrange. Sara gets one side, I get the other.
  • Greenhouse – a winter home for the chickens and for early garden prep.
  • Plant at least two more fruit trees – one apple, perhaps a cherry.
  • The Super Secret Gift – you hope it’s for you, don’t you?
  • Establish a local food network/cooperative/thingy – much more on this later.
  • All other manner of other things
This is only what I’ve managed to dump out of my head in the last 72 hours. There will be more. Oh yes, there always is.

*Now 15% more unrealistic.


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