Meanwhile, back at the ranch…..

Two weeks gone. I am striving, yes striving, to do something on this list every day. If my wife can crochet a blanket big enough to choke a sperm whale with the “one stitch at a time” mentality then so can I. Get things done one little piece at a time that is…. I have no particular animosity towards sperm whales. We’d all be slaves to the Kingdom of the Squid if it weren’t for them.

I had this other little idea where I wouldn’t add new projects to this list until I’d completed any two. ‘Cept, all that’ll achieve is my forgetting all my manner of great new ideas. So screw that. Crazy new ideas are in green. Finished stuff is now red.

  • Build a new clothesline. Two holes dug. Mutant race of post-hole digging gophers created in the process. Prepped the salvaged poles from the old clothesline, drilled the 10′ pressure treated posts, and installed and plumbed one.
  • Finish cleaning up from Maple Season 2010. Buckets and lines are cleaned and stored. Syrup is bottled. The pan still needs a scrubbing, and the storage tank needs a final rinse. Almost done with this one.
  • Mow the lawn. Done. Done in the sense that I never got to do it before the violets came up. So, eh.
  • Make Violet Jelly. Violets are up! The girls have already picked a bowlful.  Lots left, though. We want to get all the petals in the freezer for use later.
  • Dig the new garden. I started the digging. Still have about 75 square feet to go.
  • Build a hoop house. There may be a flaw in my design for this project. I may  have to back-burner it. We’ll see.
  • Build raised bed planters.
  • Build a drip irrigation system.
  • Build a gutter/ install a rain barrel.
  • Start planting seeds.
  • Clean the yard. Done. All last season’s leaves are being chomposted. That’s chicken-composted.
  • New window sills and frames in the bedroom.
  • Build a deck.
  • Install the dishwasher.
  • Sugar Shack Upgrades:
    • Put siding on the Shack
    • Paint the new siding
    • Build a new arch – I’m now tossed up between building one, and having one built for me. Gonna compare the costs.
    • Build a steam hood pre-heater
    • Install new (permanent) stack for the new arch.
    • Add a cupola
    • Landscape the creek – Somewhere, somehow, I actually started this. Working on terracing down from the culvert pipe.
  • Build root cellar storage in the basement.
  • Replace the fuse box.
  • Replace the house gutters.
  • Install a vent fan over the range.
  • Make beer.
  • Make mead.
  • Build a rotating barrel composter I saw a finished project for one of these on Instructables and realized I had all the parts to build one. So now I must.
  • Build a back porchMy brother just finished closing in his back porch. To his advantage, he already had a porch to begin with. Then he tore it down and build it back again, and didn’t add railings. I’d just really like to have a place to put all the boots and whatnot during the winter.
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    3 responses to “Meanwhile, back at the ranch…..

    1. who cares about your boots or whatnot as long as it has railings.

    2. I’m big on the composter one. I got one on amazon (free shipping, so it made it worth the online buy) and we’re going to start using it instead of the heaping pile we have that attracts oh so many flies. We’re also making mead. :) (Phase 2 currently.) I’d love to do the clothesline thing during the summer (but where to put the sucker?)…and the root cellar thing, if I can ever get past the creepy spiders. I’ve got a gutter & rain barrel in my mind for our front porch. We’ve got L’s brother coming to help with the garden soonish. Someday, I’d love y’all’s recipe for violet jam, since we also have some that pop up in the spring. We want to put a small gazebo on our little hill. We’ve got to set up the bee yard because our bees are coming in two weeks. We’ll be putting more blueberry bushes on the hill.

      Point being: we have a bunch of ideas in common. I felt kind of like I was reading my own list when I read yours!

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