Off to market…

I’ve waited long enough. For years, I’ve been sitting on a product idea that has the potential to bring me ridiculous amounts of money, and moderate amounts of fame, which will in turn bring me ridiculous amounts of money. The only thing holding me back was my fear that the name of my product would be made fun of.

Then I saw a commercial for AcipHex.

If you’re struggling with the pronunciation, let me clear it up for you. It’s not “A Sip Hex”. It’s not “A Seef Ex”. It’s Ass Effects.

Ass. Effects. This product name endured the full gauntlet of consumer test marketing and product name recognition effectiveness and came out the other side smelling like, well….

So I’m going ahead with my revolutionary tubed construction adhesive/sealant application control device: the Caulk Blocker.


2 responses to “Off to market…

  1. Even when I already know the punchline, your delivery makes me laff ;)

  2. I literally saw this ad for the first time less than an hour ago. It left me thinking of clever FB updates. Now I find this post on your blog…

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