Just give me some wood and I’ll build you a chicken coop (or, My chicken coop plans. Let me show you them.)

I decided this weekend that I’ve been putting off a lot of the projects I’d planned because my workspace is a disaster, and I don’t want to clean it up. I stood around for awhile and waited for someone to do it for me, but since I still haven’t figured out how to make this tactic work, I soon found myself cleaning it up. About halfway through I determined that I had more than enough room to move again, and stopped. So, big jeers on the no follow-thru, but big cheers on the semi-usable workspace.

Simply put, all I really wanted was room to be able to fire up the table saw and miter saw. I gots things to be buildin’, and with these two tools I can build anything. By that I mean: these are the only two serious power tools I own, and if I want to build anything at all then I’d damn well better figure out how to to it with just a table saw and a miter saw (and a modest amount of cordless drill).

I spent the last few days sketching these on my lunch breaks:


This is the frame for the main section of the coop, and it cannot exist in real time and space. That’s not because it’s an optical illusion, it’s because I can’t draw well. It does kind of give you an idea of how I want this thing to go together, though.


When it’s all done it should look like this, only more woody, less transparent, and fewer words floating in midair.

Now, I’m off to find the stacked dado blade set that…. aw crap. I have no idea where it is. I have more cleaning to do.


3 responses to “Just give me some wood and I’ll build you a chicken coop (or, My chicken coop plans. Let me show you them.)

  1. Kevin Delaney

    Dude, you have a stacked dado blade set and I don’t? DAMN. I’m off to Home Depot.

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