The free stuff in life is best

So where are we?

Ah yes. The tally so far this Spring of goods obtained for no more than the price of observation, diligence, and a trip to pick them up….

  • Six 80 lb. bags of concrete, for footings for a deck. Est. value: $25
  • Used pressure treated decking, for sheating on sugar shack. Est. value: $500
  • Various and sundry dimensional lumber scraps, for chicken coop, sugar shack and other unforseen projects. Est. value: unknown
  • Used Geodeck composite decking, for a deck. Est. value: $600
  • Four used 12 foot long 3.5″x11″ beams, for a deck. Est. value: unknown
  • Used push reel mower, needs slight adjustment, for kids to cut the grass. Est. value: $100
  • Twelve 60 gallon construction bags full of used 3.5″ kraft faced fiberglass insulation, for insulating the walls. Est. value: unknown, but in the hundreds
  • Used Blue Rhine brand tabletop propane grill, for the grilling of delicious pig, cow and poultry. Est. value: $50
  • Borrowed use of a chipper/shredder for an afternoon, to turn much yard waste into mulch. Est. value: $100

And the summer hasn’t even started. 

Damn. I need to start building some stuff.


5 responses to “The free stuff in life is best

  1. I have just discovered FreeCycle. It’s amazing what’s out there!

  2. I aaunt FreeCycle. but am always to late to get anything I could use! We saw your laptop come and go. Say, did you see the chicken wire that was posted yesterday? That would be good for your coop.

  3. @Kari- what group are you on? I’m on Amherst Freecycle. I saw no chicken wire. But, admittedly, I scan the headings and don’t always read every post.

  4. I’m a freecycle addict and I love your tally. We just got a sweet Weber gas grill.

    My blog is all about funny Freecycle posts so if you find any good ones and want to share, I will happily post them.

  5. Kevin Delaney

    If this pans out July 3rd will be a good deck demo haul. I’ll know more tomorrow.

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