It takes a village. Of idiots.

Two National Grid maintenance vehicles have been parked on the highway, directly in front of my house, for the last half an hour. Between the two vehicles, the crew of three men have been (and continue to do) the best job I have thus seen of stabilizing the guardrail by holding it down with the weight of their collective asses.

Overseeing the safety of these fine gentlemen are 8 orange construction cones and one orange overpaid police officer. I think the police officer is the one that slightly taller than the others. It’s hard to tell, none of them are moving.

Goddammit I’m gonna come home to two tractor trailers jack-knifed in my front yard, aren’t I? Frak.


2 responses to “It takes a village. Of idiots.

  1. see. don’t you feel better now.

  2. Kevin Delaney

    union yes!

    I was observing Mass Highway sweeping the road & sidewalk on Rte 7 the other week. 3 or 4 guys come up the sidewalk hitting spots here & there with power brooms. Later a guy hits the same spots with a bobcat with a big broom on the front WITH 2 guys walking beside him the whole length of the sidewalk observing him. Guy I was working with asked the 2 observers if the guy in the bobcat was doing it right. No reply, just ‘the look’.

    Hey, at least these guys were moving

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