Newton’s First Law

Also known as the law of inertia. An object in motion will remain in motion unless acted on by an unbalanced force I come around the corner by the Stop&Shop and this dude is just stopped (STOPPED!) right there in the middle of the road. On a hill. Biggest snowstorm of the year. Fucking brilliant. Now I’m stopped too. Count to five, aaand now theres 6 people behind me. Stopped? Oh yeah, they’re stopped. And they’re lovin’ it too. I can tell by how they’re sounding their horns in raucous celebration.

I thought I was going somewhere with this, but apparently not.


2 responses to “Newton’s First Law

  1. So on Saturday I was on the Pike on my way to Framingham and the traffic was backed up all the way into the city, where I got on. As we got through the Brighton tolls we see people ahead of us doing like this full press chinese fire drill – people in and out of their cars. Then traffic would move forward for 10 seconds. Then they would stop and do their little fire drill again. Then we would move forward for 10 seconds. Then they would stop all the traffic behind them and do it again. We figured it must have been some college experiment or something that frankly, we probably would have participated in too back in the day. But now we are adults and it’s annoying!

  2. Me thinks that celebrating the cognitive capacity for situational awareness of my fellow drivers with a raucous celebratory toot is a brilliant idea! It’s the end of road rage as we know it!

    “But officer, I wasn’t enraged! I was repeatedly conducting celebratory fist bumps to his face.”

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