No, THIS is how you build a sugar shack (now with 100% more shack!)

It has come to my attention that I have posted little to nothing (heavy on the nothing) in regards to building a sugar shack since last January. I thought I’d remedy that.

Starting in October, I broke ground on a permanent sugar shack. With the help of my father and brother, and all kinds of recycled materials, we put together something that should last me for many years to come. I think I did a pretty good job photo-documenting the process.

I’ve put the entire process’s worth of pictures up on a Picasa album. You can see them all here. The four pics above show a pretty good progression from start to finish from almost the same angle. That’s the same tree on the left in each pic. If you want to read about the whole thing, I created and updated a thread about it on Frankly, that’s why I didn’t post the story here – cuz I was doing it there. (I hate doing the same job twice.) Double frankly, MapleTrader (herein referred to by me as “The Trader”) is why I haven’t been posting much of anything here since, what, August? I may be a man of many interests, but apparently I can only focus seriously on any one (and a quarter?) at a time. To my credit, I didn’t drop my job to half-time so that I could indulge in an online community forum.

So, if you find yourself here in search of info on how to go about building a sugar shack of your own, go ahead and dive in to 6 months worth of experience and photos. Got questions? Ask away. Want more knowledge than I can possibly offer? Take your inquiries to The Trader. We’ve got to have hundreds of years of cumulative experience there.

Good Luck!


2 responses to “No, THIS is how you build a sugar shack (now with 100% more shack!)

  1. It looks awesome! If you need help with this year’s harvest, let me know. I’ve got a lot of extra time on my hands.

  2. Ugh. Man cave. Romo like.

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