I want a debate, not a goddamn discussion

I’m listening to the debates, not watching them, as I believe everyone should. But I digest….

I want to hear Obama unleash some gorram whoopass on McCain. I want to him to call him out.

I want him to say “John McCain loves to talk about the greed on Wall Street, but his policies gave it credence. He’s like the guy who left the barn door open and let the horses out, and now he’s made it his platform to keep the barn door closed.”

I want him to point out when McCain doesn’t actually answer the question asked.

I want Obama to say that he hasn’t ever “taken on” his party’s leadership on a single issue because they were right on the issue in the first place.

I want him to ask McCain if there’s anything he doesn’t claim to know how to do.

I want him to say that we wouldn’t have to “drill, baby, drill” if we just cut our energy consumption and invest in efficient technologies and renewable energy.

I want him to ask McCain what good his $5000 health tax credit will be to a family with a child that has a chronic health problem that no company will insure. Wait, he kinda just did.

I want Obama to ask McCain to stop using fear of the unknown as a tactic.

I want Obama to say “Yes, I haven’t admitted that the surge has worked, because that’s all you want to hear. I’m not saying that throwing more water on the fire isn’t the solution to putting it out. I’m saying that you never should have lit the match.”

I want McCain to stop speaking in a hushed tones like he’s letting me in on a secret.

And I’d just like to say, sure nuclear power is clean. I’m clean, too. The difference is that there’s a process in place to deal with my waste.


3 responses to “I want a debate, not a goddamn discussion

  1. Michael Gendreau


  2. Having worked at a nuclear power plant, I find the nuclear power debate most interesting.

    We effectively do have a plan for the waste, it’s just that some people don’t like the plan. The estimates of total nuclear waste produced TO DATE is around 56,000 tons. That’s estimated to be a football field size lot 10 feet high.

    The Yucca Mountain site is already set to take 70,000 metric tons of waste.

    My son and I watched a show a couple of weeks ago showing off the ridiculous tests they have made on trying to destroy a nuclear waste shipping container, including driving a semi into a concrete abutment at 80 mph, and slamming a train into a truck with the container straddling the tracks. No damage to the containers in either test – crazy engineering.

    BTW, what I want is someone from the factcheck.org group to be sitting with a buzzer saying ‘bzzzzzzzzzzzt’ each time they state ‘facts’ which are false, or mis-characterize the other’s stance on an issue.

  3. Yo, I totally dig this. Shaun and I have been following the debates (most of them) and generally end up shouting at the radio/tv “Answer the question!!”…

    for serious, people.

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