The 3 Second Rule?

“Check it out! Someone left this almost full bottle of Sprite in the bathroom!”


“Well unless that look means you’re about to tell me that you know for a fact that someone peed in this, I’m gonna drink it.”

“Patrick! That has been in the bathroom for like, 2 and a half weeks!”

“It has not. I bought these just 5 days ago.”

“It’s been on the floor. In the bathroom.”

“But it’s still fizzy.”

“On the floor. In the bathroom.

“But it’s the Un-Cola.”

“Don’t you put that down next to my yarn! Wait a minute, you said it was fizzy! Did you already open it? Did you drink it?”



3 responses to “The 3 Second Rule?

  1. I curious about the related posts. Are you getting paid to post about football fumbles? Do they drink old Sprite on football teams? I’m lost.

  2. The first related post is about a play where the official ruled that the quarterback threw an incomplete pass (when it was really a fumble) and due to the whistle being blown, the ball couldn’t be given (as it should’ve been) to the defense.

    In Pat’s blog, he faced the same scenario. His wife blew an inadvertent whistle, which ended the drinking of the Sprite, though he should’ve been allowed to drink it, as – upon further review – the bottle clearly contained soda.

    Now, if Pat still lived with siblings, all bets would be off, but the cache-rats aren’t old enough yet to pee in the bottle AND make it fizzy. A few more years have to pass before that kind of diabolical genius is developed!

    So, that’s why the related post. The blog title “The 3 Second Rule” is merely an odd coincidence…

  3. This was my actual reference, but I like Brian’s better.

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