Getting Things Done

I recently learned from karen at the wild backyard that a time tested method of organization, and one that I’ve applied off and on (more like a dimmer switch, really) for years, is not an original idea. That’s fine. I’m cool with that. I don’t think I ever expected that the concept of writing things down when you think of them, organizing them, and then sallying forth and doing them was, um, novel… Someone did, though. This guy named David Allen thought it was so great that he went out and had it copyrighted, or trademarked, or guarded by ogres or something. He thinks he’s so special. Well, anything he can do I can do better. I’m gonna start a system called Putting Things Off. Step one: eh, we’ll worry about step one tomorrow.

In the meantime, the Little Yellow House is abuzz with activity. We’ve got our big, yearly summer picnic coming up and agree that there’s too much to do to get ready to start it all two days before the event. So we brainstormed a list of everything we want to get done and wrote it down. (I’m not paying you a gorram dime, Mr. David Allen!!!) We haven’t prioritized it or anything fancy like that, just that everyday Sara and I should each cross one item off. And we should be crossing it off cuz it’s done, not just as an excuse to sniff the hi-liter.

Dare I say that I’m a bit excited? If we pull this off then the house and the yard might end up looking better than the day we moved in. And if it does, I’m totally gonna strut around like we keep it lookin’ like that all the times.

So, here’s the list:

  • Scrub and polish the kitchen floor
  • Make and hang a curtain for the closet
  • Make and hang curtains for the kitchen
  • Break down all the pallets for firewood (1 left. Decided to use the rest for another project.)
  • Build 2 benches
  • Clean out the garage
  • Hang cabinets in the garage
  • Clean the whole kitchen and all appliances – I scrubbed not only the floor but THE WALLS (ack!)
  • Clean up/off computer desk
  • Build speaker boxes
  • Wire and hang outdoor speakers
  • Clean and move the girl’s “library”
  • Clean brewing supplies
  • Clean and sterilize grolsh bottles
  • Re-clean and store maple equipment
  • Trim pine bushes
  • Weed front flower garden
  • Gather and wash mason jars from garden
  • Clean and put away seedling trays
  • Clean and oil living room floor
  • Sort and donate dress-up clothes
  • Plan menu and shop for it
  • Rearrange Living room
  • Rearrange Bedroom
  • Roll up and store landscaping fabric
  • Clean up limbs trimmed from tree
  • Put replacement headlights in car
  • Bondo the Toyota
  • Get Toyota inspected
  • Mow the lawn

So yeah, just a couple things. Keep checking back, I’m actually gonna edit the list as we go. Items in green are in progress. Crossed out are done. Items that disappear inexplicably are me cheating. You pointing it out is me denying it.


4 responses to “Getting Things Done

  1. But do you get fabulously overpriced Italian desk accessories with Putting it Off?

    Good luck with your list! How long do you have until the picnic?

  2. You may get fabulously overpriced pleather accessories. I’ll put them in the mail tomorrow.

    And, um, ten days?

  3. why do today what you can put off until tomorrow

    …words I live by

    I should be able to bring some wood for the fire

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