Guard your Gandalf

The Bean shared this with me while getting ready for bed tonight.

“Daddy, today at recess Bailey wouldn’t give the ball back to Madison so she punched him in the wizard!”

Why can’t I get what I want at the weekly store managers meetings that easily?


One response to “Guard your Gandalf

  1. Lately, I’ve kicked around the idea of wearing an athletic cup around the house. Katherine has developed the habit – regardless of how long it’s been since she’s last seen me … it could be all day or simply 2 minutes – of exclaiming “DADDY!”, getting up, charging across the room at full nearly-3-year-old speed, and crashing into me to deliver a hug.

    Of course, to the casual bystander this is extremely adorable and I must admit that I enjoy her enthusiasm and affection toward me. However, the problem is that the top of her nearly-3-year-old cranium is at Daddy’s Gandalf level.

    Usually I can turn to the side at the last moment to avoid a cranium to Gandalf collision … but not always … alas … not always.


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