To Do: cut a freakin’ hole in the wall!

A few weeks ago I was looking at a small piece of wall in my kitchen, between the back door and the window, and decided that it was deficient in having a big ‘ol hole in it.


I plunged a saw, a drill bit, two pairs of pliers and a Rotozip cutting wheel all up in that wall and somehow managed not to contact either of the live wires that were hiding inside it. I didn’t even burn my house down! Not even a little! Gold Star day for me. Slow day for the emergency room at Cooley Dickinson.

I did that so I could do this:


For months now I’ve wanted to put some pocketed storage shelves into this space – something that Sara and I could use to store those things that live most of their lives somewhere on our persons, but have no other home to speak of: keys, pocket knives, chap stick, sunglasses, wallet, favorite pens, gum, unpaid speeding tickets… (I’m just kidding. We pay our speeding tickets.) (Still kidding. We don’t get caught speeding.)

All you engineers out there can probably tell with your college educated engineering eyes that those pocket shelves slope downward at a five degree angle. Just a little personal touch I added. “Did you bevel cut those shelves?” Why, yes. Yes I did. “That’s some nice bevel!” I don’t like to brag, but, I know. Somewhere, right now, Master Carpenter Norm Abram just felt a great disturbance in the force, as if millions of wood grains cried out in terror and were suddenly… beveled.

It still needs a frame of some sort, to lessen that something-filling-the-hole-in-the-wall look I’m rocking right now. I predict that I’ll get around to it as soon as the lawn needs mowing, if not later.


2 responses to “To Do: cut a freakin’ hole in the wall!

  1. What the?!? You just introduced a HOLE in between a door and a window? You do realize that this is an OUTSIDE wall – a place could’ve happily housed a good supply of R-13 insulation?
    And now it’s holding, um…NOTHING?
    Maybe you could cut into the electrical line, and add a coffee maker on the shelf to warm things up…or maybe, just maybe, this is a ‘summer only ‘ cubby?

  2. about that insulation…

    The CET has a NoHo office. They’ll come and do an energy audit and give you info on getting blown-in insulation. If they still have the same program going on they’ll cover half of the cost.

    I’d get on it ASAP because if they’re anything like the Pittsfield office they are slow as hell.

    Oh, and nice bevels by the way.

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