Let’s just be honest

The Bearenstain Bears have been up to quite a bit of non-bear related activities. They’ve dabbled in theology:


The cubs learned about larceny:


Child Protective Services made a guest appearance in this one:


Mama Bear stepped over the line of Child Labor laws:


And then there was that time that Papa Bear had race issues with the Asian neighbors but played it off as a property line dispute:


These are not things that bears normally get up to. It’s almost like they’re trying to hide something; like they’re trying to candy-coat their true selves. I for one think that it’s time for full disclosure. I’d like to start seeing some new titles that tell the real story of the Bearenstain Bears. For example:

The Bearenstain Bears Maul a Lost Day-hiker
The Bearenstain Bears Break Into a Ford Escape Because They Smelled Peanut Butter
The Bearenstain Bears Slap a Bunch of Trout out of a Stream
The Bearenstain Bears Hibernate…. Aaaaand Not Much Else.
The Bearenstain Bears Can’t Really Talk but They Could Fit Your Entire Head in Their Mouths if They Wanted.


One response to “Let’s just be honest

  1. This is some of the funniest sh*t I have seen all day. Thanks, man.

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