Just give me some wood and I’ll bring it home and burn it

I’ve yet to post the full results of this year’s maple sugaring season: dollars, gallons, sap and syrup. I will, though. Fear not.

One of the comments I got on this year’s maple sugaring season, from my fellow maple man Jim, was to get away from my use of propane to drive my boil. He says it’s the most expensive fuel I could be using. I’m not arguing. I stopped boiling two weeks before the actual end of the season because I didn’t want to invest another near $50 in three more tanks of propane. So today I made the decision that next year will be fueled by wood. We received two new pine tables for the store today, which came encased in wooden shipping crates that we had to break apart. then we ended tossing out the two old tables we replaced. So I broke those apart, too. And stuffed it all in the back of my car.


If you think that’s ridiculous, imagine a week’s worth of groceries piled on top of it. Yeah, today was grocery day, too. My timing just suuuuucks.

Now I have to clean it all up – take out all the nails and screws – cut it to length and find a place to stack it. I’m gonna have a full weekend.

Anyone know where I can find an old wood stove that I can convert to an evaporator?


3 responses to “Just give me some wood and I’ll bring it home and burn it

  1. I don’t know about the whole wood stove thing, but I knew a guy awhile back that had a sweet circular saw for sale – would’ve been nice to pick that puppy up for cutting your wood ;-)

  2. I’ll bet that guy is glad he held onto his nifty Ryobi miter circular saw. I’ll ask him when I see him…

    … Yeah. He is. :)

  3. craigslist or even better… freecycle

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