Ode to a Monster Dog

Monster Dog Haiku

Sometimes you would pee
on mom’s kitchen floor when you
would get excited

My brother Kevin and sister in law Jamie’s dog Jasper passed away this week. He was a hulking Black Lab/Wolf (yes, wolf) mix. We think that the wolf in him knew that he had something wrong and so he let himself out and had one last romp before ending things on his own terms. He was older than any of my kids, and so they’d known him forever. We called him the Monster Dog because he was big enough to have swallowed either of our kids whole when they were young, but he never so much as growled at either of them. He was a part of any family gathering just as much as any of his humans. He will be missed.


3 responses to “Ode to a Monster Dog

  1. Thank you so much for the kind words. It’s comforting to know that everyone else loved him as much as we did.

    I love the haiku! so true

    The link is to a collection of pictures I have of him.

  2. Aww, Kevin and Jamie, I’m sorry to hear about Jasper. I’m pretty sure this is the same dog, who, at one point you had talked of making a scarf from its fur? I lost my first canine family member almost 9 years ago. It took me three months of mourning and rolling over to pet him before I realized he truly was gone. Sorry…:(

  3. I don’t even know you guys, but I am sorry to hear about Jasper. I have 3 dogs whom I love very much and it makes me sad that you have lost your puppy.
    Dogs are great. They should live longer.

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