Maple Report, Day Three

With Sara’s help boiling in the morning and an early start in the late afternoon, we sent another 15 gallons up in steam today. Sap collected to date: 36 gallons. By this weekend we’re gonna have a gallon of syrup. Roughly measured, it’s been taking about 2.4 hours to evaporate each gallon of sap. That doesn’t account for the number of burners we’ve got lit. I’ll figure that out later.

Pints are goin’ for $9 each. Who wants some?

5 responses to “Maple Report, Day Three

  1. Put us down for 3 pints. I happened to see the prices in the grocery store today … and it looks like I’d be coming out ahead AND supporting commerce! Does that make me a “Local Hero”(TM)? Woot!

  2. Supporting LOCAL commerce that is …. seemed to have dropped a word in there (how come I can’t go back and edit my entries …. what kind of 2-bit blog are you runnin’ here?????)


  3. Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout, Willis? This blog is sportin’ awesoma 8 bit powa!

  4. Put me down for three, too, homie!

  5. and whats about that email with the link to paypal?

    All talk and no action…

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