Let’s Get It Started

I spent my free time on Sunday getting ready for this year’s sugaring season. I went out and got my propane tanks filled. I put down a pallet floor in the shack (it gets horrible muddy as the season goes on). I discovered that have two propane cookers of my own. ?!? When did I buy that? Oh well. Add in the one I’m borrowing from my bro and I’m gonna be all set. Mmmmmaybe. I could probably stand to have three more propane tanks for when the ones I have kick.

I cleaned the burners on all of my cookers. Necessary? I have no idea. But they sure look much purtier now.P3020076.JPGP3020077.JPG

Today was the first perfect day of the season for sap production: freezing cold last night and almost into the 50’s today. I got home form work at 5:30 and went straight down to the shack to light the fires. I’m going to try to keep a decent record of how much I collect and boil this year, as well as how much I produce. For tonight, I took in 7 gallons and reduced it down to probably one and a half in 3 hours using two burners.





3 responses to “Let’s Get It Started

  1. lots of fire and lots of combustibles. at least it’s a safe distance from the house.

  2. The sugar shack looks like something from a horror movie all lit up like that.

  3. The distance from the house was purely a design choice. The far end of the yard was lacking in ramshackle.

    As for the horror movie thing… imagine how it looks to passing cars at 9PM when I’m inside moving around. Dum Dum Duuuuummmm.

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