Captain Obvious

Our delivery service at work (DOWNS) has been working hard to provide increasingly worse service as the weeks progress. This morning they showed up so late that by thirty minutes it almost wasn’t even morning anymore. So I was not of a particularly cheery disposition. Less so when I recognized that I didn’t recognize the driver, which meant that I had to take the time to educate yet another newbie on the particulars if delivering to our store. I have learned not to take out my frustrations on the drivers… they don’t plan the routes and departure times. They’re just pawns in this customer service race-to-the-bottom I find myself in. Besides, this guy was nice. Some of them expect us to unload their truck for them. New Guy had no problem doing the job he was paid for.

So myself and my one other receiver, Capt. Dave, do the only real thing we can do… use the few scheduled hours we have left as productively as possible. This means working as the shipment is being brought in, pausing only to sort the boxes being dropped off by New Guy. In the next hour we receive, open and sort 84 boxes. As the driver was bringing in the last load of boxes from the truck he says, “I can’t believe how fast you’ve worked through what I’ve already brought in! I deliver to the industrial park down the road and they don’t move this fast. They could use guys like you”. Then a pause, and, “My company could use guys like you.”

He has no idea.


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