…and upon these pallets, I will build my shack.

Today at work the guy the picks up my outgoing returns left two of the most beautiful looking hardwood pallets I’ve seen all year. I resolved that I would take them home and use them to build next year’s sugar shack. I’m all set for this year, but I’ve still yet to realize my dream of a 100% modular shack that can be set-up or torn down in a few hours, stored, and used from season to season. During my lunch break I sketched some more ideas of how I would bolt it all together:

I want to keep it as simple as possible, so I think I’ll go with the overlapping corner joint in the last drawing. I’d rather not have to build 3 custom corner cleats anyway. I won’t likely get away with that when it comes to connecting the roof pallets to the walls, though. That’s gonna take some math.


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