Ready, Set, Geek!

Nine out of ten people who are me think this idea is awesome.

I’m starting Geek-Off 2008. I’m going to invent the rules right now.

  • The geek must be your own creation. Geek that is wholly purchased does not count.
  • You can submit your geek to me to post, or provide a link to it.
  • This is a game of brinkmanship. You may attempt to out-geek any current geek at any time.
  • I have no idea at all how we’re gonna determine top geek.

Here’s my submission. A Lego USB drive.

Lego USB


2 responses to “Ready, Set, Geek!

  1. my husband just bought index cards to write 2-letter scrabble words he doesn’t know yet and their definitions, to study up. that’s pretty geeky!

  2. Hmmmm. Geeky indeed.

    I’ll bet he could fit all the 2-letter scrabble words on to just one index card, though. They are after all only 2 letters long. How many could there possibly be?

    Maybe I should think twice before playing scrabble against your husband.

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