Here’s how you build a sugar shack…

My silly little blog here has received repeated hits for people looking for instructions or ideas on how to build a sugar shack. In fact, I think that’s all anyone comes here for. It’s certainly not for my knitting patterns, of which I have a whole box of none. (I make one post referring to the wife’s hobby and I’ll be damned that it actually drives traffic here. Horribly, horribly disappointed traffic.)

If you’re looking to build a sugar shack for the upcoming maple sugaring season, my advice would be why didn’t you build it in the fall? Look out the window!! Look at all that show!! Do you really want to go out there and build anything? Of course not. But that’s exactly what I did last year. And it looked a lot like something I absolutely didn’t want to be building in the cold. So that’s what you’ll get. Unless you have the one thing I didn’t: money. Because with money you can buy real supplies and people who will assemble them for you, even if they do grumble about how cold it is. But if you’re gonna do that then you might as well pay those people to head down to the grocery store and buy you a few gallons of maple syrup and just call it even. Nope, you’ve gotta get in there and invest your own blood, sweat and tears if it’s gonna be anything to be proud of. Just remember to invest those fluids into the shack, and not the syrup. That’d be some nasty syrup.

So if you’re one of those people who’s here looking for plans or inspiration for you own sugar shack, stay tuned. There will be more. I’m not done upgrading yet. Until then, check out all the previous stuff.


2 responses to “Here’s how you build a sugar shack…

  1. when are you gona update it hun

  2. My sugar shack for 2008-09 season . Is a costco shelter frame covered with a black tarp. Original cover has worn out. Floor is covered with old horse stall mats. Made fire pit from old furnace oil tank lined with bricks. Lots of room to work.

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