The Plan, Part II

Step Two: earn more. I’ve been working on this for the past year at work by shooting for the best job review and therefore the biggest raise possible. I won’t go into detail anymore than to say that I damn well deserve it, thank you very much. Unfortunately I don’t even get my review until March and won’t see any pay raise until April. So for now, earning more is going to come in the form of selling off stuff we no longer need, or can go without for awhile. It’s just continuing the cleaning out process I started us on two months ago, except now I’m pulling out the big guns.

I’m selling my Garmin GPS and all it’s trimmings. Even though a large part of it was purchased with gift money, the rest came from money we really couldn’t afford at the time. It’s my beating heart beneath the floorboards. (Poe, people. Look it up.) I’m selling my handheld circular saw. It’s great, but I’ve only used it 3 or 4 times, and all of those have been for projects at work. My table saw will suit me fine for now. Also making an exit: my drill press. Honestly I don’t even like it. And I have a brand new cordless Christmas drill that can handle all of my high speed cylindrical material removal needs just fine. Finally, my PEZ collection. It could easily fetch more than anything else. I just dread having to inventory it in order to sell it.

Then there’s the books. I’ve been avoiding them for awhile just because I know how long it’s gonna take to list each one on eBay. A ha! Then my brother Shaun got me hip to selling books on So I tried it and in an hour I had a dozen books listed. When I’d finished and took a second to check my email, I’d already sold one! You can’t beat that with a stick of any length. I’ve got a dozen more right here on my desk (mostly programming manuals) and then it’ll be time to drag the boxes of books in from the garage.

Even though I’m going to have to put some money into it up front, I still plan on making maple syrup again this Spring. It was profitable last year, I can do it again. In fact, very shortly I’m going to begin pre-selling syrup for delivery in the Spring. (How else did you think I was gonna raise that money-up-front?) I’ll post info about sizes and price as soon as I have them hammered out. Besides, I didn’t build that Sugar Shack just so I could stare at it out the window.

As a last resort, I may pick up a second job. It’s looking less likely that I’ll have to, but I can’t deny how much it would help. Besides, since I already get benefits at my current job, I could crank up the number of dependents on my W-4 for that job and take home practically every dollar I make. If things work out as planned, we won’t have to rely on a tax return next year they way we have been these past few. Heck, I wouldn’t even mind owing a few dollars. But just a few. Seven would be fine.


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