Industrial strength plastic wrap

The sugar shack is now weather tight. Would it be weird of me to say that I’d like to try spending a night in it this winter? It would? Okaaaaay then. I’m totally only gonna make maple syrup in it.

I also made a trip out to the Home Depot to get some ideas for making that sap pre-heater I mentioned. Sixteen dollars and three pipe cleaners later I have this:

What? You say it looks like a condensing coil for distilling hooch? Is that the phone ringing? Gotta go!


2 responses to “Industrial strength plastic wrap

  1. Hey Pat,
    That sugar shack looks great! Hell-of-a nice job!
    I’m sure you won’t be using that coil in the off season for distilling hooch!…..wink, wink!
    See ya.

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