The Road to Recovery

Who knew that the Road to Recovery was a real road? And all this time I thought it was just a euphemism for changing your bad habits and flying straight. But no, there’s a picture of it right there on my student loan holder’s website.

I give you: The Road to Recovery.

As you can see, someone has been littering in the middle of the Road to Recovery. Or maybe that little box of orange is supposed to represent discarded destructive practices. I can’t really tell from this distance. It’s hard to read the small print on the box. One disturbing observation though: The Road to Recovery doesn’t appear to lead anywhere, except maybe slightly to the right and then off the edge of a cliff. Not looking forward to that. Nobody ever said that The Road to Recovery would be easy. They also never said that it went on in a straight line forever without a freaking passing lane. Damn. I’m just delinquent on my loan. I’d hate to get caught behind the guy who’s recovering from a meth addiction.


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