I have been SO good these past few weeks, you have NO idea!

At the end of July, I decided to take my weight seriously again. It didn’t exactly happen right away. There was simply too much temptation in the house. Hell, on one night I came home to find CB and one of her girlfriends in the kitchen making giant chocolate chip cookies. How the hell am I supposed to say no to a giant cookie after a long day of work? And then how am I supposed to say no to the next five cookies? And licking the bowl clean?

So it didn’t work out right away. But three weeks ago I managed to cut out those carbs again, quite by accident. I was at about day 4 when I realized I’d been eating right, so why stop? Those first few days are always killer. So now here I am starting week 4, and showing some results. The only benchmark for my weight I can rely on is the one I took back in July, so 255 is it. I’ve been down as far as 250 a few days back. You’d be surprised how much “weight” you can put on everyday just in food and drink.

I’ve successfully switched to a salad for lunch every day, chai tea instead of coffee, and lots more water. I’ve turned down countless donuts, weekend pancakes with maple syrup and the simple late night chowing down on bowls of cereal.

It sucks.

But it’s worth it.


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