Now this sewing machine, I can fix this.

This afternoon, armed with only a high school knowledge of electronics, driven by CB’s need to complete the school bag she’s started for Aurelia, and acknowledging a complete disregard for my own personal safety, I set out to hardwire a power cord and foot pedal from a busted Kenmore sewing machine into a not-so-busted Singer.

I started by opening the side of the Singer, so I could try and figure out how it was wired. This was followed by my cutting open the plug of the Kenmore foot pedal so I could see how that was wired. Then I stared at the whole mess for about twenty minutes, during which time very little happened, and even less transpired. I decided it was time to try and figure things out on paper.

This is where the high school science comes in. Finally, 15 years later I can say that the choices I made my Senior year have paid off. While most of my peers elected to stick to the accelerated track and take Physics, I took POT with Walter Gehring. POT: Principles of Technology, and unlike Physics that was bogged down in math, POT was hands on. Today, I didn’t need a formula to figure out voltage drops and amperage, I just needed to know which three wires to connect to three other wires. And I’ll be damned if it didn’t work. So I busted out the tackle box.

I hate fishing, but this thing has been like a miracle for holding and sorting all manner electronic parts that I’ve been collecting since I was 13. I actually asked my friend Chris to buy it for me for my 13th birthday. A few minutes of making and double checking some alligator clip connections and I was ready to go for broke. I pulled the freezer away from the wall so I could access the circuit breaker, donned a very large leather mitten and prepared to be thrown no fewer than 3 feet. But no! All that POT I did in high school paid off! Who’d have thought?
I celebrated my non-trip to the hospital by permanently wiring up all the temporary connections and closing the machine back up. And now I have a very happy wife and no short-term memory loss. I’ll call that a successful afternoon.

Just don’t ask me to try fixing your car.


2 responses to “Now this sewing machine, I can fix this.

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  2. Good for you Pat!!! Keep her crafty. She’s SEW awesome!

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