What’s happening.

Here we go. Life, fast forward.

I skinned the knuckle on my index finger this past Friday. I have no idea how. What I do know is that I have somehow managed to re-skin it every day since then. I doesn’t seem to matter whether I have a bandage on it or not. And oh my GOD does it hurt when I do it. Geeeeeeeshh!

On Friday, we picked up our Beetle from the mechanic where it had been for almost 3 weeks. They only took one week to fix it. It took us two more to scrounge together the scratch to pay for it. I want so badly to put the enormous bill in the lap of our mechanics, to believe that we’re somehow being ripped off. It seems there is no such thing as us sending either of our vehicles in for any kind of repair and have the tab come in at anything less than $500. I wish I was joking about that. But no, it’s not them, it’s us, or our cars. Maybe I’ve just never come to grips with how frelling costly vehicles are to maintain. It’s the parts that are always the bulk cost of any bill. They only charge us $17/hr for labor, which is unheard of. Most dealerships would charge $25-30. So anyway, we got the car back. As we pulled it into the driveway, what do you suppose I heard? That lovely nails-on-a-chalkboard sound of brake calipers scraping against a brake rotor. One of our rear brake pads is shot. So we’re not driving it until it can be fixed, or we’ll only end up needing a new rotor as well. And when I say “fixed” I mean calling my brother over for an afternoon to help me do it myself.

This week, I lost the best employee I’ve had since I took over the Receiving Manager job at my B&N. She’s only been working for 2 months but she still exceeded every expectation I had. There’s no feeling quite like knowing you can rely on someone to get the job done, and she’d get it done and then more. I knew I couldn’t keep her forever. She asked about opportunities for moving up in the company when she interviewed. I just didn’t think it’s be this soon. I’ve got a great manager though, so I had two weeks to prepare for her moving out to the sales floor. In the meantime we’re getting along, doing roughly the same job at 20 fewer hours a week, but it’s not easy. I did interview a prospective replacement today, though. He made an impression on me, which is saying something. He’s got experience, ambition and the availability I need. With any luck we can have him sorting books in no more than 2 weeks.

On Saturday, we drove out to Mansfield, MA for the wedding of our friends MadDog and Asuka, and when I say for the wedding I mean just as they were exchanging their vows.Never underestimate our family’s ability to add half an hour to our planned departure time… and that’s our “A” game! Imagine if we’d been running late! Also, the entire population of the state of Massachusetts was on the Mass Pike either trying to exit to 84 South (to get to the Connecticut shoreline, traffic backed up for 15 miles) or trying to exit to 495 South (to get to the Cape, line for the exit started 2.5 miles back). Then, 20 minutes after we arrived at the wedding, we had to leave. We got to watch the tedious process of picture taking (Let’s call it what it is, shall we? At no other time in your life will you obsess over making sure you get multiple shots of every possible permutation of family combinations. And why do you need a shot of your grandma’s second husband with your new brother-in-law? I have no idea, but you do. You better bet you do. But hey, I did it too. Wait, did I? Too much thinking….) and the kids spent the same 20 minutes launching themselves around the inflatable bouncy house that the bride and groom got to entertain all the kids. We were due back home by 4PM so the kids could get picked up by my mom for sleepovers with their respective grandparents: the Bean with her grandma and grandpa (my parents) and the Grumble with her Nana (CB’s mom).

Saturday evening CB and I went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in the theater, because we had to. I won’t go into lengthy diatribe about differences between the book and the movie. The movie was worth the price of admission. Nuff said.

On Sunday was the Grumble’s 5th birthday party. In years past we had tried to combine this party with a yearly summer get together we call the Squeal and Peel (and as exciting as it may sound, it’s named after the main course: ribs and shrimp) but we just didn’t have the time, funds or energy to do it this year. So we’re thinking of shooting for a Halloween something instead. I have decorating ideas. Some of them I have been so far forbidden from attempting. We shall see.

I now have a fairly solid plan for the construction of this year’s sugar shack for the upcoming maple sugaring season. My dad gave me some suggestions that I hadn’t considered, like bolting the wall pallets together. It’ll make it much easier to disassemble in the Spring. I’ve mostly given up on using wood as a fuel source since my supply of free pallet wood won’t return until after Christmas. This also means I need to find another source of the pallets I’ll need just to build the shack itself. I’m going to use propane again, and plan to borrow empty tanks from friends at the end of the Fall so that I end up with 8 total, so I can run 4 burners. Three in a pinch. I already have one burner and 3 tanks. Time to start looking for loaners.

I got a new cache published today! With 3 people having found it already on the first day, it’s starting to look like it wasn’t as difficult of a puzzle as I first thought. I’m gonna have to adjust the difficulty rating down a notch. Still, I’m happy with it. It combined a puzzle idea and a hiding location I’ve been tossing around for more than a year now. Feels good to get another deserving cache out to the masses. You want a clue? Heh heh. You can’t solve it with Google. But that might steer you in the right direction.

That’s it, I I’ve got a book that needs reading.


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  1. Hey you…

    Caching seems like so much fun. I visited the website and read all about it. Sounds like an excellent family event or personal hobby! I’m thinking I should do this with the kids? Whaddaya think? Do your girls enjoy it? It would definitely give us a reason to get out and about more…

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