Out with the old….

I knew when I erected (yeah, I said erected. Go ahead and giggle) my sugar shack this Spring that it wouldn't be
a permanent structure. Still, that didn't make it any easier to take it down.




I'm already at work on plans for this year's shack, which will be wider, taller, and a bit more permanent.
Oh, and it still shouldn't cost be more than a couple of bucks. I'm gonna build modular style, using wood
pallets as building blocks. I can get free pallets at work and I've got pretty much everything else here at the
house already. I may need to buy some more nails or screws, but that's acceptable. I sketched out some ideas at
work and did some calculations to see if I could make a slanted roof. Yeah, I can.

2 responses to “Out with the old….

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