Back on the wagon

Back in January when I set the gears in motion to lose some weight, I knew the two things that would signal that I’d given up. First would come the return of bowls of popcorn as a late night snack. That happened about a month ago. The final downfall would be myself sitting on the couch eating ice cream, nay! not out of a bowl, but right from the box. That came last week.

So now the question is what I plan to do about it, and the answer is to get back on the wagon. I may weigh 25 pounds less than I did in January but enough of the problems I mentioned back then as reasons for losing some weight, still linger. Back pain for no good reason and particularly that weird pain just inside my ribs on my right side. I’ve come to think that that’s bloating of some sort, since it disappeared for the length of the time I was eating better, and only returned when I started putting back more starch and sugar, drinking more coffee and swapping my water intake for sugar-free juice drinks. CB has suggested that perhaps I have an intolerance for wheat gluten. Damn, that would suck. Since I have no idea how exactly an affliction like that manifests, I can’t say if she’s right or not. Looks like I need to do some homework.

And you know what I hate the most? It’s going to be like this for the rest of my life. My body absolutely CRAVES sugar and that’s never going to change. The lowest my weight got since January was 250 pounds. This morning I came in at 256. That’s roughly 3 pounds weight gain per month. At that rate I could be at 292 by this time next year. Ugh. Not again. I’m going to be battling my weight for the next 60 something years.


Who wants to think about that? But what choice do I have? So it’s back, for awhile anyway, to no more coffee, more water, FAR less sugar and much more meat, cheese and fruit.

I’m still having cake at the Grumble’s birthday party, though.


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