Thing #3

I have never thrown away an old t-shirt. For the longest time I would just delegate them to the back of my shirt drawer, until they eventually left no room for the t-shirts that I hadn’t yet retired. As a result of that I’d occasionally end up wearing one of my ratty tees. This happened a lot on slow laundry weeks. The benefit was that I had the ability to dress like a landscaper on the job at a moment’s notice.

Eventually I was forced to deal with this situation under CB’s Dorm Room Articles. The Articles state, in part, that our home shall not be arranged, organized, furnished or decorated in a manner reflecting, resembling or otherwise approximating the style of a college dorm room. This includes, but is not limited to: milk crates or similar see-through storage medium used in any manner within the house (but particularly as side tables or as integral parts of a ”multimedia center”), large posters (especially un-framed), and the existence of any furniture that lacks a solid internal or external frame (foam is not a solid frame).

So by these Articles, the old tees had to go. I tried making the argument that my wardrobe wasn’t a part of the Decorative Branch of the Household, and therefore not subject to the Articles. No luck there. But I still couldn’t bring myself to throw them away, so one by one I cut the designs or phrases off of each of them and packed them away in a vacuum sealed bag until the day when they might be useful. I’ll be damned if I know when or what that might be. I suppose that one day they will be incorporated into a very large and eclectic quilt.


One response to “Thing #3

  1. I need to chat with CB on how she finally convinced the shirts to vacate the premises. Is this a quintessentially guy thing? PS: T-shirts do make awesome quilts. I’ve made one, and it pays proper homage to the history therein.

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