Thing #2

I hate cold calling.

I hate having to deal with people over the phone in general, especially people I don’t particularly know. People I have accounts with, people I have to report to, people I have to do business with… it’s all the same. If the only way to contact them is by phone, they’re probably never going to hear from me unless I have absolutely no other option. I would do all my communication (other than face to face) by email if I could, and for those people who I have to communicate with that have email, that’s how I do it. The others… I usually wait for them to call me.

Strangely, this doesn’t pertain to phoning in a take-out food order. If I could explain it I would. I’ve never been the one to call either of our babysitters. I don’t make the call to the school if the kids are going to be home sick. I don’t even call either mine or CB’s mother to set up overnights for the girls. That’s all her. In fact, as far back as my Senior year of high school, when I somehow managed to get myself onto the Advertisement Committee of the yearbook (????), I pretty much dumped the whole job of calling dozens of local businesses to solicit for ad money on my best friend Chris. He was the other half of the committee.


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