The waiting is the hardest part

It’s finally here! GeoJamboree 5, the biggest geocaching event in Southern New England. It’s a weekend of caching and camping, hiking and hobnobbing, and this will be the third year we’re attending. I’ve been up since 8AM gathering everything together and packing the car. It’s now 2PM, the car is packed, the kids are retrieved from daycare and with the exception of a full tank of gas we’re ready to cast off. Now we’re just waiting for Chicken Betty.

The original plan for today was to head down to the campground as early as possible. I took the day off from work, and with CB’s recent job shift, it looked like she was going to have the day off as well. Technically she does, since she’s not exactly working just yet. She’s been training for her CDL license for 4 weeks to get certified to drive school buses. Yesterday was her scheduled test for her license. She was there early, but her test administrator didn’t show until 4 hours later, leaving poor CB standing, milling around outside an office in Agawam, MA…. waiting. That was just enough stress to affect her performance on the driving test (which she had aced over and over up until now) and she clipped a safety cone, ending the test.

The good news is that she can retest. No problem. In order for her to be tested and licensed by Monday though, that retest had to be today. So we made plans in case the test went long. The key was in getting there first this morning so that she could be first in line to be tested. Since we had planned to leave around noon, we arranged for her to ride down with the friends we’re sharing a site with just in case she couldn’t be back by then. Worst case scenario: if she wasn’t able to make it to our friend’s house by 3:30, they were to go ahead and she would drive down alone. Neither of us wanted to drive 2 cars when one would do, but what’s done is done.

I was ready to leave at noon as soon as I picked up the kids, but I decided to wait ’till 1:30 to see if CB made it back. She didn’t. Now I’m waiting for 2:30 and have decided that we’re waiting for her no matter how long it takes. The more time passes, the more I worry that the retest went bad and she’s going to be very upset. I didn’t want her driving down to the event alone to begin with. I sure don’t want her driving down alone and upset. I sure wouldn’t. So we wait.

My friend has promised to call me if CB shows or calls, but now I’m worried that if she doesn’t think she can make it to his place by 3:30, she’ll head down without knowing that we’re waiting for her. This is what we get for having no mobile phone. Then that worry spawns more worry, like that we’ll end up heading down to the campground ourselves and get there to find that she hasn’t arrived yet. Okay okay, I’m not going to think about that. But I’m a natural worrier when it comes to things I can control, or should be able to control.

2:30 now and still no-show.

We wait.


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