It is most definitely NOT Miller Time.

As I type this, my first beer of the season is underway. I’ve decided on an IPA, because that’s the kit that my local homebrew supply shop had in stock when I came in 15 minutes before closing last Saturday. I think I made a good choice under the circumstances.

See that blue cooler? At this moment my grains are a’ steepin’ in 165 degree water. Twenty two minutes to go and I’ve gotta go start the next step… sparging the grain (poring boiling water aver it while in a strainer) to get all the good stuff out of it and into mah brew! Then it’s an hour of boiling and stirring, some cleanup and I’m done.

Gotta go prep for the next step. More later!


3 responses to “It is most definitely NOT Miller Time.

  1. If you need help either making, tasting, or getting rid of that beer, I’d be happy to help.

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  3. You’re sparging your grain? That’s just wrong! What did that grain ever do to you?!?

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