Just give me some wood and I’ll build you a… utility cart


I’m building a utility cart that I can attach to my lawn tractor. This is the frame for the platform (first day’s worth of work) and the removable sides (tonight’s contribution). I’ve got all week to finish it and I’ve got plenty of wood to do it. What I don’t have is wheels. Details details. I’ll drag it around like a sledge if I have to but dammit I’m gonna build this thing. My parents and brothers are coming out on Sunday to help us clean up the yard and house. This thing needs to be finished by then. All the crap in the yard isn’t gonna haul itself.

I’m also trying to get my lawn tractor running again. It junked out at the end of last season very unceremoniously, making sounds like it was out of gas… and acting accordingly. A close inspection of the full tank of gas revealed a full tank of gas, so now I’m focused on the battery as the culprit. Right now I have a battery charger hooked up to it, delivering a continuous 2 amp trickle charge. (if you don’t understand any of that, don’t feel bad. Neither do I. Here’s what makes sense to me: electric thing make big grass cutting machine run good.) Or so I hope.


3 responses to “Just give me some wood and I’ll build you a… utility cart

  1. Forget the wheels! Skis would be perfect and just think in the winter you could put a little roof & rockets on it and it could be a rocket house.

    “Oh Lord, protect this rocket house, and all who dwell within the rocket house.” -Homer Simpson

    (forgive me…I’m baby sleepy and my brain hasn’t recovered.)

  2. Hi, googled for “building a cart with wood” and your site came up.

    I have a 15 year old dog that has a bum hind leg, she can get around ok but if the weather is damp or she has been on it alot, she has a hard time walking, make a long long story a little shorter, I want to build a simple ox type cart that is low to the ground for her, so when she can’t make it back home(we live on 45 acres) and she takes walks with us(other 9 dogs) , I can go and get this cart and put her in it to bring her home. Sounds a little rediculous, but I have a bad back so I can not lift her to go in a lawn mower cart or even a wheel barrow. The plan is all in my head and hope to finish it next week. P.S. I GOT THE WHEELS.

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