I don’t feel like boiling. No sir, no boiling today.

It’s too cold today for the sap to be running and it won’t be warm enough again until Saturday. I have 3 more days to prepare, since it’s gonna get up in the 50’s next week (all up in them 50’s) and I’m gonna have more sap than I can probably deal with. And I can deal with a lot of sap. I still think it’d be wicked cool to have a high school reunion every year, and we’ll all be best friends regardless of the fact that none of us have anything in common anymore. Yeah. That much sap.

I also have no one big thing going on right now worth dedicating a whole post to but I do have a lot of little things. Or maybe just 2 little things, I’m not keeping notes. So I’m going to call this a blogsplat. Sadly, I can’t claim to have invented that phrase but I can front like I did. So, here it goes.

On the Atkins front, my weight loss continues slow but steady. I’ve reached that point where I can hold fairly steady for 3-4 days and then suddenly drop down 2 pounds. This past Sunday was the biggest pothole in my “good eating” streak since I started this journey by eating a whole cake. (I had to. If I didn’t eat it all at once, I would have eaten it bit by bit over the week. It’s the same idea behind ripping off a Band-Aid, but more German Chocolate flavored.) I had real sugar in my coffee at a friend’s house when they had no Splenda, or any other fake sugar. I complemented it with a generous slice of cheesecake topped with strawberries. At dinner at my in laws, I had two helpings of goulash (made with venison!) and enough slices of bread and butter that I lost count. The worst past was that after giving in to the real sugar, I never gave anything else a second thought. I was halfway into that second plate of noodle-rific goodness when I caught my snister in law saying something about how she couldn’t have any. That’s when I realized what I’d been eating, and that she was talking like someone on a diet. Someone else asked her why she wasn’t eating, but I already knew. “I’m doing the South Beach Diet”, she explained, “and I’m still in the first week.” At this I held up my latest slice of buttered bread like a flag to get her attention and stated “Atkins”, and took a bite while grinning like an idiot. The good news is that the day’s carb-bomb didn’t derail my progress. Like I’ve said before, my body didn’t start burning fat overnight when I ate a few burgers without the roll and it’s not gonna switch back in an instant if I eat a donut. It wants to, though, so I’ve gotta be careful for the next few days.

And you know what? It’s too damned late to be up doing this. So, no blogsplat tonight. I’m off to bed.


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