Stumbling towards entymology

As promised, I’ve been combing through long ago filed-away papers in search of some inspiration. It’s not been completely fruitless. I’m finding lots of old letters to friends that I never mailed, some of which were never finished. What’s in them is better than any journal I might have kept. I’m finding a lot of other stuff I’d forgotten and I may get to mentioning more of it, but not tonight.

One thing I did find was lots of little scraps of paper I used to use for bookmarks. Every time I found a word I’d never seen before I wrote it down on the bookmark, sometimes with a page number. It’s been too long to remember what words came from what books, as cool as that would be. I’ve easily got over a hundred words, so I’m gonna start posting them as my Words You Don’t Know. So, let’s start off with…

Scend. (The spell checker is hissing at this one.)

That’s all for now. More to come.


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