I got nothing

I just cannot get inspired lately. When I started writing about my weight loss progress it was just supposed to be a trick to keep me motivated, and honest. I never wanted it to become the meat and potatoes of my blog. Well, the meat anyway. The potatoes are just carbs. Dang. See? See???

Three something years ago my cousin gave me some space on his website for my creative writing output. I didn’t get to name it, or decorate it, or manage it… but the important thing is that I had a place to post my creations and through that a vague reason to create. I also had a job where I could spend most of my day doing something other than my job. (Damn. That was a good paying job.) The result was some pretty funny stuff. Nowadays I’ve got a different job that I’m actually proud to hold which sucks because now I have no time to write. I could find time at home, but that’s my time… to do the laundry. And the dishes. And the bills. More laundry.

So fine. I started this blog so I’d have an outlet. To enable me to put my lunch breaks to better use I dug out an old laptop with an operating system older than my car and a power adapter that’s taking care of my wish not to have any more kids. But none of that matters because I just seem to be tapped out on the funny. I mean, I just saw a commercial for that new movie Wild Hogs… and nothing! That thing’s just begging to be mocked and I’m drawing a blank.

I’m gonna dig out some of the old stuff and see if it kick starts anything. I’ll check back later.


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