Three weeks without popcorn. Except that one piece.

This past Saturday I woke up to a new low of 258 (and I went to bed at 264!). Is that even possible? One thing I’ve learned from doing this once before, though, is that a one day loss like that, while encouraging, can’t hold. While I was hopeful to wake up on Sunday morning holding at 258 (or lower. Oh yeah.) I knew it wasn’t likely. Sure enough, Sunday morning…263. Today: 262. No complaints.

This last week was my third full week on Atkins. Second time around. Too bad this thing seems to have fallen so far out of favor… gone the way of the fad. I’ll swear by it to anyone who wants to hear it. It’s the only way I’ve ever been able to lose weight, and without additional exercise. I’ve got nothing against exercise, but I do have the convenience of saying that I have absolutely no time for it. Besides, I’m already giving up the foods I love the most in my quest for fewer pounds. If I had to give up what little free time I have to exercise in order to fulfill that quest, well, quest over man. Quest over. I can only sacrifice so much. So for this time around, what hiking I can get in while geocaching will have to be my exercise. But it doesn’t even matter because I don’t need to exercise with Atkins. Ha HA!

Effectively, I did my Atkins “induction” phase last week. I hate following directions. And I was worried that I was gonna stall out on the ‘ol weight loss… that perhaps everything I’d already lost was just that amorphous “water weight”. So, my menu all last week was a carb bar for breakfast and lunch, some cheddar cheese to snack on in between, and whatever large amount of meat I could cook up or cobble together for dinner. Tuna, Chicken, Pork, Hamburgs. I made some jello for dessert on a few nights. Drown it all in unlimited water at work and sugar-free fruit flavored drinks at home and you have some very soggy food imagery. This week I’m planning more of the same. Stick with what works. Oh, and it’s a whole lot cheaper than what I might otherwise spend on breakfast and lunch and snacks and that’s a big deal right now, too.

I haven’t had anyone stop me and comment that I look any thinner yet. I’m not waiting for it, or craving it. It’s the benchmark. When I finally get the unsolicited observation, then it’s official. As far as I can tell, I look no different today than I did three and a half weeks ago. I feel better, though. And I realized today that I need a new hole in my belt. That’ll do for now.

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