Good Karma

I came home from work tonight to find this in my email:

[GEO] pay_it_forward contacting Clan Delaney from

Hmmmm. I don’t recognize the name, but I do help administer the Southern New England Geocachers website and I maintain a map of campsite reservations for the upcoming GeoJamboree 5. I meet new cachers all the time, through email anyway. So I open up the email…
And I read:


You have been nominated by your peers to receive a “2007 Pay It Forward Geocoin”, and have been selected by the project to receive one.

One of our volunteers has hidden a small cache containing your unactivated coin at the following co-ordinates: N 42° 18.429′ W 072° 24.324′

I dumped the coords into Google Earth and discovered that whatever this was, it was less than 650 feet from my front door.

PIFhide.jpgI waited until my wife got home and we’d put the kiddies in bed and bundled up (it’s only 14 degrees out there tonight!) for a quick bushwhack on the other side of the highway. The email came with some pretty specific hints as to where I should look, so I was there and back in about 15 minutes. The sky was beautiful. Perfectly cloudless. Orion was out in full form right above the house as I was walking back across the yard.

PIFcoin.jpgFrom the email, I knew that I could expect to find a geocoin in this personal cache. What I was hoping to find was the secret identity of the person or persons who were responsible for this coin finding its way into my possession. And that’s precisely what I did not find. Very mysterious.

I activated the coin, but I haven’t the foggiest idea what I’m going to do with it. It deserves a noble mission. I’ll need time to mull it over.


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