Nobody else at work is eating salad for lunch

I made it through the weekend. I wasn’t perfect, but I’m not suffering for it. My oldest daughter had her 6th birthday party at my parent’s place on Sunday and I knew I was going to have to live through an afternoon staring down double layer strawberry cake with jam filling and two kinds of Turkey Hill ice cream. I came prepared with… 2 cheese sticks. Going to war and I showed up in a pair of boxer briefs. Visual imagery aside, I could have done better.

I fought the urges for the most part with as much diet, caffeine free soda as I could get my hands (and mouth) on. When the cake was cut and served though, I partook (partaked?) of a modest slice, and a scoop of ice cream. Come dinner time I ate much chicken and not much else and then had a homemade brownie, also with ice cream. To most, this would appear to be a major failure. To me, while not ideal, it’s still a victory. At both cake time and brownie time I bowed out of the family (okay, me and my dad) tradition of consuming every last piece of cake and making sure that we don’t inconvenience the freezer by placing a container of ice cream back inside it. This time, I let my brother’s 2 dogs lick the cardboard clean. They owe me.

Aside from that one day of confectionery confrontation, something with icing on it has conspired to be in my house since Friday. My wife brought home half a cake from work. So far I’ve only sampled two of the larger icing baubles along the edges, on two separate days. Each of those were undoubtedly a day’s worth of allowed carbs, and they totally weren’t worth it. Grocery store five gallon tub birthed non-perishable but-r-creme. Mlech. Note to self: be more snobbish about my forbidden frosting. My wife also bought a tray of 6 white frosted chocolate cupcakes, also for my daughter’s birthday, and her own, which were both technically on Monday. I’ve had 2 since then, one today. Again, totally not worth it. Finally, when I picked my oldest up from daycare this afternoon, she was holding 2 homemade chocolate frosted chocolate cupcakes. Aaauurghh! I am beset upon from all sides!! Luckily those last two invaders have both been consumed by others than myself.

I’ve adopted somewhat lean work days. I bring 2 apples for breakfast, a salad for lunch, some cheddar cheese to snack on and a water bottle that can be endlessly refilled. I satisfying my craving for coffee with coffee. I am getting it decaf, though. The question I keep getting at the cafe is “Why bother?” I’m not relying on the caffeine anymore, I just love the flavor. I just have to watch that the coffee doesn’t replace the water I would have been drinking. When I get home I have a LOT of something good, tonight it was hot Italian sausage. It all seems to be working. Cravings are down and it takes less to make me feel full. This morning’s magic number was 266.5. I’ve said I would feel like I was losing real weight when I hit 265 but even though I could be there tomorrow I still don’t feel like any real weight is coming off. Maybe at 260. I’ve got no complaints about the apparent loss. It sure isn’t happening by accident! I may have pizza on Friday.



One response to “Nobody else at work is eating salad for lunch

  1. Hello!! :) I LOVED your post!!! The phrase “articulate honesty” comes to mind. Your spot-on imagery of going to war dressed in boxer briefs made me smile … and wince … and empathize!! I can recommend a tablespoon of peanut butter with your morning apples; it’s a great combination! :) All the best! ~Ellen

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