Caches in the works

 I need to start actually placing some caches. They’re starting to pile up. At last count I had at least 5 containers painted or otherwise camouflaged and ready to go, and maybe 5 more ammo cans or lock&lock boxes waiting for… whatever.

 map1.JPGI’m always looking for good places to hide them. This is a Google Earth screen shot of all the places I’ve either scouted in person, or that looked interesting enough to visit sometime in the future. I suppose that when it comes down to it, I’m really waiting for the perfect pairing of cache and location. Those kind of personal restrictions make it pretty difficult to actually get caches out in the field but I believe that in the end it’s worth it. I can’t say with any certainty whether or not the other cachers in my area consider my cache hides as being above the average. I like to think so, and so I try and conduct myself to that end.

coneclosed.JPGI made this cache a few weeks ago. It’s a used prescription bottle wrapped in folded camo duct tape. I suppose it looks a little like a pine cone from a distance. The goal was to use the tape to break up the smooth lines of the bottle and make it difficult to tell where the bottle ends and the cap begins. I think it turned out quite well. The only thing missing is a hook at the top. I want to hang it somewhere (probably in a pine tree). All those folds would cause it to become frozen pretty easily to whatever surface it was lying on, and removing it would just destroy it. I believe in the practice ofconeopen.JPG balancing cache size or difficulty with distance hiked, and since this is small and potentially hard to find, I want to place it somewhere where a short to non-existent hike is involved. But wherever that place is, it’s still got to be interesting enough to visit, even without a cache. I haven’t found that spot yet.


This is a magnetic lock&lock, attached to my filing cabinet. It qualifies as a small cache. My goal was to make a magnetic cache that could actually hold a logbook and pen, and accept decent sized trade swag. The plan is still for some kind of urban or semi-urban application. Obviously, I need somewhere that’s got a metal surface large enough to attach it, but a place that won’t send people into hysterics if it was found accidentally. Just in case, I’ve stenciled “GEOCACHE” on the lid. maglockopen.JPGIt’s near impossible to see in the picture. The roughness you see on the lid is from it’s first incarnation when it had pine needles embedded in the first layer of paint. Again, I haven’t stumbled yet on a place where this cache would be most at home. (Note: you will never find this on a guardrail or under a lamp skirt.) I have considered offering it to WIDE glide, as a replacement for the NOHO RAIL TRAIL cache container. Oddly enough, the cache container that’s there now is (or was) mine. It’s a waterproof magnetic micro made from a juice bottle top. I gave it as a gift at this event celebrating WIDE glide’s 100th cache hide. He used it to replace the original key holder back in March. If I end up hiding the lock&lock myself, I suspect it will be done much like NOHO RAIL TRAIL.

Finding places for caches I’ve already made is one thing, making caches for places I’ve found is an altogether different problem. Those take the most time, but have the potential for the biggest payoff in satisfaction when they’re done. I have more than few of those in the works as well, but they involve many trips back to the potential hiding spot, and that takes free time I don’t have quite so much of these days. It gets a little frustrating as time passes. The biggest worry is that a new cacher will put a cache of their own in one of those places. I’ve had it happen before. Remember the first incarnation of that magnetic lock&lock I mentioned? I’d made it to put at a scenic overlook on Rte 202 in New Salem that has an astounding view of the North Quabbin reservoir. A few day before I went to place it, this cache was published, just 70 feet away. So, it does happen. Rare, but possible.

On top of everything else, true winter temperatures have finally moved into the area, even if it hasn’t brought an appreciable amount of snow with it. I can still see the grass in my yard. My desire to get out of the house at all is at an all time low right now. It could be Spring before I feel the strong urge to get out and finalize any of these caches. Right now, the only thing likely to get me out in that cold is a damned good shot at an FTF, or a local event. But of course the event will very likely be indoors. And have coffee. I’ll show up for that!


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