Six Days Gone

Tomorrow will be one week since I began my attempt to shed many unwanted pounds. This morning’s weigh-in came in at 273. It’s encouraging, but I’m not fooled yet. I won’t be convinced that I’m in a receding trend until I drop below 270. Okay, maybe 265.

Until then I could just be losing what I’ve heard referred to so often as “water weight”. I heard this a lot last time I was on Atkins. The belief was that I wasn’t losing any real weight, just “water weight”. What the hell is that? Water weight (rolls eyes). I drink more actual water on this program than I used to drink soda or fruit drink. I know it’s not all coming back out (I don’t know know. I don’t carry a measuring cup around with me.) Suffice it to say that I strongly believe that I’m consuming enough water to actually gain weight, and yet, for now the pounds seem to be coming off. So, I don’t believe in this “water weight” crap. And if it is true, then 3 something years ago I looked pretty good after losing 35 pounds of water.

The first few weeks is the toughest. I’m eating less overall, and that less contains almost no carbs. As I remember from the literature, I’m fooling my body into burning stored fat for energy instead of consumed carbs. It takes awhile. About 2 weeks I think. After that, if I want I can let some carbs creep back in. (Having a fried egg between two slices of low carb bread on my way to work in the mornings will be far more convenient than the same eggs scrambled and tossed in some gladware and eaten one forkful here and there as I package outgoing mail. I may have talked about the major inconvenience and general non-portability of Atkins-safe foods. This is what I’m talking about.) The temptation then becomes wanting to buy low carb foods that have no business being (and hence rarely are) low-carb. Like ice cream. Because it’s not just about what I’m eating, it’s about how much of it I’m eating. And I’ll demolish a half gallon of any ice cream in an evening, low carb or not. Gotta be careful.

Until then, my biggest battle shouldn’t get any bigger than protecting my Atkins stash from the rest of the family. And by that I mean my wife. There was a minor skirmish here last night as I had to defend my mozzarella cheese sticks. I prevailed with the statement “The house is full of things you can eat. I think it has six things that I can eat.” and then I distracted her with a bowl of cereal. One battle at a time. Yes sir.


2 responses to “Six Days Gone

  1. You lose water weight first on ANY diet. I think I lost about 10 pounds worth total. The other 45 pounds, however, was NOT water.

    Hang in there. I’ve been on Atkins 2 1/2 years and love it. It’s truly become a lifestyle change. :)

  2. I know when I’m fat and bloated, my doctor pokes me and says I’m retaining water. Yet when I start dieting he tells me to drink even more water and cut back on food. Then I’m told that the quick weight loss is “water weight”. Yet if I quit the diet, the “water weight” doesn’t come back right away.

    Actually I stoped caring what it is as long as I’m shedding the pounds and feeling and looking better.

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