Forbidden Food: 1 Me: ?

I didn’t have to miss the ice cream for very long.

We had some friends over for a late dinner last night. Late, as in 9:30. It was much cheaper that going out to eat and having to pay for restaurant service and food and hiring a babysitter. The kids were already in bed and never knew we had guests. We’ll have to do this again sometime.

the bread My wife made stuffed porkchops for dinner. They were delicious and extra pork choppy. And low carby. Unfortunately, I added a side of roasted potatoes (sweet and regular) and a slice of italian bread to my plate. That might have been excuseable, if it hadn’t been for the German Chocolate cake and Hood brand Cape the cakethe ice creamCod Fudge Shop ice cream. Um… Yeah.

The good news is that after our friends left, my wife successfully talked me down from polishing off the rest of both the ice cream and the cake. Believe me, I could have. Believe me, I wanted to. Hence, one of my very popular justifications: I’d better eat it now so I’m not tempted to eat it later.

Today, I made a short term goal to redeem last nights infractions. I took the girls to see Happy Feet this afternoon, and made a point of not snatching so much as a single bite of

This popcorn,

the popcorn

these Junior Mints,

the Junior Mints

these gummi bears

the gummi bears

or any of their shared large size Sprite. Instead I brought a 1 liter (old Pepsi bottle) of water and a bag of peanuts. Not exactly movie fare, but it did just fine.

When I got home, the cake was taunting me from the kitchen counter. Do you see why I should have eaten it all last night?


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