Two Hours to Myself

For two days everyone has been talking about how unnaturally warm it was going to be today. And much like the proverbial story of the fish that got away, every new person’s relating of today’s upcoming daytime temperature would always manage to be higher than the last person’s. By the time my wife added her version last night, what I’d started hearing as 50 degrees had somehow managed to grow to somewhere in the 70’s. In the end, the weather, like myself, decided not to disagree with my wife.

By mid-afternoon I was able to drop both of the girls off at a birthday party. Yes, one they’d been invited to. That gave me just two hours to enjoy on my own before people would start to wonder why I hadn’t shown up to claim my kids. I came prepared for this. I set the alarm on my watch. And gave the kids bus tokens.

Natural recycling
I’ve been wanting to explore an area in Pelham around Town of Amherst watershed for awhile now. The M-M Trail runs through there, probably just skirting along the watershed, which is technically off-limits. It’s silly how effective those No Trespassing signs can be. I did a lot of bushwacking and ended up coming out of the woods a few hundred feet from where I parked. Not thirty feet from the road I found a pair of rusting pull tab style Budweiser cans. When did they stop making those things? Twenty years ago? And there they were, looking a lot like someone had tossed them there just a few weeks months ago, practically within sight of the road, but protected by a simple No Trespassing sign. Wow.

There may be zombies hereHill ReservoirAt the bottom of the spillwayDespite the small window of time for hiking around aimlessly it was surprisingly well spent. I found two, maybe three locations for future caches. First was an old cemetary buried deep in the woods that’ll make a great spot for a zombie themed cache I’ve been wanting to do. Then, about .22 miles away I found the corner of an old property wall that will make a perfect new home for my first cache, The Box, that I’ve been wanting to relocate. In between I stumbled on Hilltop Reservoir. I’m sure I didn’t cross any signs on my way telling me to keep out, but they were hard to miss once I got there. Too bad. It’s a beautiful location. So I took some pics, left some footprints.


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